About us

We specialize in publishing WordPress products. Aspiring software developers and teams often lose precious coding time to managing public relations. They realize that work efficiency is increased when responsibilities such as campaign building or support are outsourced or maintained by their publisher. Growth requires focus on specialized tasks, and those that intend to grow must be faithful to their purpose to create something unique. The competitiveness of today's markets naturally requires each major guru or studio to be backed by a publisher to take administrative workloads off their shoulders. That's where Belcovio shines as our publishing services are tailored continuously to your interests.


Maximizing commissions

Choose us to acquire your intellectual property and sell it to end users to enjoy the most benefits. We use global marketplaces of Australian origin called CodeCanyon and ThemeForest. Our high sales traffic Envato Elite account achieves at least 40% better rates than a new individual author could get. Based on various perspectives and peculiarities of the Envato system, we adjust the pricing to maximize your profits.

Technical support management

From our directory of support experts, we assign the required number of service representatives to your product. Let us train and manage them using your input and individual requirements. Consequently, support will become the least of your worries. Belcovio only uses the most advanced support ticket system. End users always have a professional to talk to, even via live chat. 

Web presence

Have you always yearned for a landing page that maximizes conversions? Entrust our product site development and Envato product page building services! Each product needs a unique site to highlight its best features. By using talented graphic designers, rest assured the product is marketed with visuals of meticulous detail. Belcovio knows what it takes to grasp customers' attention truly.

Ad campaigns

Stop exhausting your budget on suboptimal advertising campaigns. Let experts run pay-per-click “Google AdWords” and social media campaigns for your product. These genuinely work, using just the right budget. Highly credible blogs are awaiting new premium products to review. Let yours be the next one! We arrange articles, contests, and giveaways on partner sites to spread the word.

Automatic updates

Get access to implement our privately owned solution, the Belcovio Update Server. It makes automatic updates possible for your WordPress plugins and themes, otherwise not readily available for premium products. Customers are delighted with a member’s area where they can manage licenses. You receive an interface to issue software updates and write changelogs.

Knowledge base

Creating a comprehensive knowledge base is not effortless, although it means a massive decline in the number of support requests coming in. Consider tutorial videos using clear English voiceover, or maintaining an FAQ and troubleshooting guide. We coordinate this with support teams, to intertwine real-life problems with searchable solutions.

Intermediary agent

Have you ever needed a professional with a particular talent, only to end up dissatisfied? We work with excellent translators, graphic designers, and other experts that already proved themselves. Should the need arise; we organize the translation of your software to other languages. Experience a complete cosmetic makeover of your existing graphics. Depending on our agreement, we may also offer your talents to our other clients.


Unfortunately, most popular software is distributed for free. Do not let end users fall victim to piracy. Belcovio acts as your authorized copyright agent, so your private details are never sent as part of Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices. We routinely perform DMCA takedowns on behalf of developers. Our proprietary technology has proven itself by removing the vast amount of incidents.